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Energy-Tec, the trading name for Energy Data Services (WA) Pty Ltd, was founded in 1993 to meet the demand for meter reading and allied energy related services for retail and commercial organisations in Western Australia.

The enterprise was incorporated as a company in 1994.


The management of Energy-Tec brings together business, commercial and technical backgrounds into the company and offers a comprehensive range of experience and expertise.

Peter BOROWSKI, Managing Director
- Direct: 9309 0011
- Mobile: 0419 042 850
- Email:

Paula WATERS, Director/Secretary
- Direct: 9309 0022
- Mobile: 0417 921 954
- Email:

Phil STOKES, Director Technical Services
- Direct: 9309 0033
- Mobile: 0407 477 498
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Karyn LESLIE, Energy Accounts Officer
- Direct: 9309 0044
- Email:


The following highlight Energy-Tec’s comprehensive utility service options. Additionally, general advice and support is available in respect to many energy related matters facing property managers. These services are often provided at no cost, as they form part of normal day to day activities of fulfilling our commitment in providing a complete energy related service.


The company has established itself as a unique provider of utility meter reading services to enterprises in Perth and other major regional centres.

Energy-Tec utilises technology systems, including palmtop PC’s and mobile communications, for meter reading services. All meter readings are subject to a strict, on site checking process, with a further computer audit before issue to customers. This process promotes an extremely high level of accuracy, ensuring long term reliable and credible data. Meter readings are scheduled to occur on customer nominated dates or in conjunction with Supply Authority fixed date meter reading schedules.


An ‘in-house’ computer programme is utilised for meter reading and billing processes. Calculations incorporate standard utility or specialised tariffs to determine tenant, common area and air conditioning energy charges, inclusive or exclusive GST. Tenant account format is individually customised and can be presented on customer letterhead. Utility account reconciliations record tenant and common area usage and determine Owner’s profit.

Importantly, data is backed up, archived and retained for future reference.


The development of a statistical and graphical reporting option enables both historical and current meter reading and billing data to be presented in meaningful reports. Monthly, periodically defined and year-to-date reports encompassing total load patterns, tenant and common area usage show, at a glance, how and where profit/loss areas are located and what influences them.

This form of reporting and graphical presentation can be customised to suit individual management requirements.


In addition to meter reading, billing and reporting services there are support services to assist with many technical energy related issues:


Although well documented, energy tariff structures are not easily understood and need to be analysed with both current and annual consumption profiles. Ensuring that optimal expenditure is realised requires particular attention to detail.

Energy-Tec provides services to identify potential energy cost savings, facilitate the changeover to an alternative energy tariff which can involve -

• Liaising with the supply authority, as necessary, to confirm the most appropriate rates for a premise.

• Coordinating master and subsidiary meter changeover arrangements.


Many electrical installations can deteriorate, creating inaccuracies. Similarly, energy theft can result in lost revenue. Energy-Tec will verify both the installation’s integrity and security. Reconciling master and subsidiary tenant consumption is also often a problem. Energy-Tec can perform both accuracy and assignment checks to include verification of tenant/meter relationships and confirm the accuracy of your metering equipment.


In addition to a tariff review, it can be sometimes even more advantageous to consider changes to supply arrangements. This situation, again, is not easily understood by the lay person and needs to be analysed with the use of site specific consumption profiles. The company has both the technical and commercial skills to offer this analytical service. Again, this can include:-

• Project management, including liaison with the supply authority, as necessary.

• Co-ordinate electrical contractor and meter changeover arrangements.


In the now deregulated energy market in Western Australia there may be opportunities to obtain an individual contract agreement for the purchase of energy. An agreement is an alternative choice to the current gazetted electricity tariffs and could provide cost reductions. To obtain an optimum energy contract requires a thorough understanding of a premises’ energy profile and specific knowledge of deregulation requirements. This company has both the technical and commercial skills to offer a partial or complete comprehensive service. Options can include:-

• Compilation, diagnosis and assessment of site information
• Profiling of data for retailer analysis
• Consultation with electricity supply retailers
• Formulation of proposal options, inclusive of risks and benefits
• Assessment of proposals and contract technical details


Since inception the company’s customer base and range of services has increased significantly. Growth, to a large degree, has been by word-of-mouth recommendation.

Energy-Tec has developed a solid reputation as a professional, independent service provider in the energy industry. Significantly, customers recognise the company as a reliable, credible and independent third party, offering a comprehensive range of professional energy related services.

Past performance in maintaining reading schedules and supplying accurate meter reading data, accounting, billing, energy, tariff and technical advice has demonstrated dedication and commitment in providing a reliable and quality service.

Being a small company with a personal commitment and a stake in the future, the directors and staff of Energy-Tec are determined to build on, develop and promote energy related services to meet the needs of our customers.


Service contract arrangements are currently in place with the following Property Management and Real Estate organisations:

• Acton Consolidated
• All Strata Management Services
• Alpha Property & Facilities Mang
• Bellcourt Strata Management
• Burgess Rawson
• Byvan FPD Savills
• CB Richard Ellis
• Centro Properties
• Century 21 Care Real Estate
• Churchill Knight
• Coakley & Martin
• Colliers International
• Colonial Investments
• Commercial Strata Management
• Conservation & Land Management
• Cosmic Realty
• CSIRO Corporate
• Dept for Planning & Infrastructure
• DTZ Australia
• Edith Cowan University
• Gow Real Estate
• Hawaiian Management Group
• Hector Real Estate
• Jandakot Airport Holdings
• John Franklyn Strata
• Jones Lang LaSalle
• Knight Frank
• Lease Equity
• Lend Lease
• Logiudice Property Group
• Mair & Co.
• Major Corporate
• McGees National Property
• Metway Real Estate
• Michael & Wearne Real Estate
• Mirvac Fini
• Nardi Commercial
• National Consulting Group
• NSC Corporate
• Otis Building Technologies
• Paterson Property Consultants
• Perth Management Services
• Porter Matthews
• Primejade Holdings
• Pro Property
• RCI Property Consultants
• Remax Realmark
• Richard Noble and Company
• Ron Farris Real Estate
• Ross Hughes and Company
• Strata Asset Services
• TLC Building Society
• Vinnicombe Property Group
• Warren Tucker Real Estate
• Werrett Property Group
• Westech Nominees
• Westfield Shopping Centres
• Westpoint Realty
• Westzone Enterprises Pty Ltd
• White & Associates


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