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WA’s Leading Metering and Billing Specialists

Meter Reading & Management

Cyclic meter reading, both automatic and manual. Special reads. Master and embedded network utility meter reading. Off cycle meter reading, final reads and property inspections.  Meter network surveys, inspections, replacements & upgrades.

Billing and Reporting Services

Reporting for electricity, gas, water, thermal, after-hours air-conditioning. Billing reconciliations and exception processing.

Technical Services

Meter Supply and Commissioning, Data Acquisition, Networking and Communications, Investigations and Meter Network Audits, Renewables Integration.


Cost Recovery, Tariff Modelling and Analysis, Meter Infrastructure Planning, Private (Renewables) Energy Generation.

We Understand Your Business

We understand the management structures within the commercial and industrial property sector. Whether it’s commercial, retail, strata, education or aged care, maintaining data confidentiality and privacy is a key function of our business.

We provide a full service, not just a system.

We Understand The WA Energy and Utility Market

Over the years Energy-Tec has supported our clients in a constantly changing energy market including commercial deregulation, tariff amendments and carbon tax allocations. We hold decades of utility and meter data.

We Know Your Buildings

Our field services team know your building inside and out. We identify and flag any changes along the way and understand the complexity of your buildings and their historical evolution. Our experienced field service officers maintain site induction certificates and police clearances.