Make sense of your asset’s energy usage with Energy-Tec.

Who we are

For over 30 years, Energy-Tec have been the industry leaders in end to end energy and sub-metering solutions.

We support our clients in the constantly evolving energy market, from billing through to customised tariff advice and amendments. Our inhouse Technical Services department are Embedded Network specialists providing our clients with end to end metering and renewable solutions.

Energy-Tec are data specialists and understand decades of utility and sub-meter data.

We are the energy in property specialists with a proven track record assisting our customers in increasing their revenue just from their asset’s energy usage. We achieve this through energy buying, selling, private generation and storage.

What we do

We make sense of a building’s intricate energy consumption and make the asset owner money. This revenue is generated through the implementation of smart metering (advanced metering infrastructure – AMI); occupant / tenant billing; obtaining more competitive pricing for retail energy accounts (procurement) and adding renewable energy solutions (distributed energy resources – DER) to buildings.

We achieve this for our customers by offering customised energy roadmaps across four key property sectors: Commercial, Retail, Strata, Retirement Living. These energy roadmaps prepare and provision property assets for the next decade of energy market evolution.

With renewable technology becoming the new normal and a global shift towards electric vehicle (EV) drivers on the horizon, a sound “energy in property” strategy is a critical element of an assets financial strategy.

1993 - WA's First

Energy Data Services, trading as “Energy Tec” opens for business as Western Australia's first embedded network reading and billing specialists.

1995 – Inception of Embedded Networks in WA

The State Energy Commission of Western Australia (SECWA) was the Network Operator at the time. When SECWA stopped reading the tenancy meters within commercial properties, shifting to a single retail account model calculated from a gate meter, this became the inception of embedded networks in WA.

Energy-Tec founder; Peter Borowski (previously a SECWA employee) took the opportunity to fill the services gap.

The business grew consistently for 23 years to become the “go to” company for energy and water billing services in the WA property sector.

2015 - New Name, New Office

Energy Tec was acquired by Damien Moran (Managing Director) and his board of Non-Executive Directors - Energy-Tec Holdings Pty Ltd (ETH).

Energy-Tec Holdings Pty Ltd relocates to fresh new office space to support the growing team.

Since the acquisition, Damien has transformed and repositioned the company from its core business roots of sub-meter reading and billing services, to become an end to end energy technology solutions company.

2016 – Let’s Get Technical

The core services of sub-meter reading and billing were expanded to include a dedicated technical division. Providing our clients with end to end metering and renewable solutions. Energy-Tec have since delivered Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) projects, with largescale solar systems, to over 20 commercial properties in WA and on the eastern states.

2018 – Bill-Tec

Moving away from antiquated software, Energy-Tec invested into the design and replacement of our billing system. Named “Bill-Tec”, it is a sophisticated billing software platform utilising an SQL Database. We have since migrated thousands of properties across to the new platform.

2019 - A Whole New (National) World

Energy-Tec entered the National Energy Market (NEM) with the opening of an office in Northern NSW, expanding our service offering to Australia’s Eastern States. This was a pivotal move to ensure that we can grow with our national customers and keep abreast with the ever-changing Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) / NEM regulations and how they will harmonise with WA in the future. We begin to service first sites in South Australia (SA), Queensland (QLD), New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC).

Our Team

Meet our people

Our dynamic team of more than fifty staff encompass experience from a wide range of professional backgrounds, such as; Government Utility Agencies, Electrical Engineering and the Property Industry. This positions us with invaluable first-hand involvement in embedded networks, as well as the broader energy in property mix.

Meet Our Team

Our Community

Dedicated industry support. We form part of a select group of industry memberships, sponsorships and accreditations.

Our Customers

Energy-Tec currently service thousands of properties across Perth, Regional WA and nationally, providing our clients with end-to-end metering solutions.

Broad property sectors include – Retail (Shopping Centres); Commercial; Industrial; Strata; Retirement Living; Airport Estates; Educational Campuses & Government Buildings.