Energy-Tec | About Us
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About Us

Who We Are

Energy-Tec are Western Australia’s leading sub-meter reading and billing specialists, with over 25 years’ experience as trusted advisors.


Meter Reading and Billing is at the core of what we do. Energy-Tec service thousands of properties across Western Australia, providing our clients with meter reading, billing and utility account reconciliation from all types of sub-metering systems – Electricity, Gas, Water and Solar/Renewables.


Energy-Tec are experienced Meter Network Managers. Our in-house Technical Services Department provide our clients with end-to-end sub-metering solutions across Brownfield and Greenfield properties.


With capabilities in Technical Advisory and Support, Meter Validation Testing, the supply, install and commissioning of Embedded Network Conversions and perform full Meter Network Audits, establishing, maintaining and updating all meter network drawings.


Our core services have expanded to include a Retail and Renewables division, pioneering the way for Energy Roadmaps and Advisory on Private Energy Generation. We can help maximise the return on your investment through Energy Procurement, Solar/Feasibility, Battery Energy Storage, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging.

Our Customers

Retail | Commercial | Industrial | Strata | Aged-Care | Airport Estates | University Campuses

Our Community

We form part of an exclusive group of trusted industry memberships and accreditation’s.