ADVOCACY ALERT: Embedded Networks Eligible for McGowan Government’s $600 Household Electricity Credit

On Sunday, 4 October 2020 the McGowan Government announced a one-off WA Household $600 Electricity Credit to help families ahead of the holiday season. At the time, eligibility criteria for WA residents not with Synergy or Horizon Power was unclear.

It has been confirmed that if an occupant has incurred electricity costs at their primary place of residence (within an Embedded Network) as at 4 October 2020, they are eligible to receive this credit.

On Sunday, 4 October 2020 the McGowan Government announced that every WA household would be eligible to receive a one-off $600 electricity bill credit in a bid to support household spending, the WA economy and local jobs.

For households in WA who are billed directly from Synergy or Horizon Power, this credit will be automatically applied to their household electricity bill from November 1. Initial information was unclear for residents billed by other electricity providers – including those within embedded networks.

Households that are billed by other providers and that were registered for the Energy Concession Extension Scheme (ECES) on or before 4 October 2020, will also receive the credit automatically.

As Western Australia’s leading embedded network specialists, Energy-Tec have been communicating with Energy Policy WA to advocate on behalf of their clients.

When Energy-Tec’s clients occupying residential assets (mainly strata residential complexes and retirement living villages) reached out to Energy-Tec for support and further clarity on how the $600 rebate will apply to them, Mark Timson, Energy-Tec’s General Manager – Energy Markets, enquired with Energy Policy WA to make provisions so that residents at properties that are within embedded networks aren’t overlooked.

“Making provision for delivering the $600 payment to households within embedded networks is critical in order for the WA Government to deliver on its promise that “Every WA household [will] receive a $600 electricity bill credit”, says Mr. Timson on the importance of extending this credit to those residing within embedded networks.

Further to Energy-Tec’s comments to The West on Friday, 16 October 2020, Energy Policy WA has updated their website with details outlining a solution for those within embedded networks to be eligible for this credit.

Embedded network property types that are entitled to this credit include – strata residential apartment buildings and lots, retirement living villages and caravan parks.

If within an embedded network, to be eligible for this credit, residents must –

  • apply online between December 2020 and March 2021
  • be a tenant / owner-occupier and hold responsibility for the payment of electricity costs

As a resident within an embedded network, when applying for the credit online, the $600 payment per household will be made by a direct electronic funds transfer (EFT) into the bank account details provided in the online form.

Customers who utilise Energy-Tec’s Utility Statement’s as supporting evidence of energy usage will be required to provide a copy of this and/or a copy of an invoice from your management company recouping the costs as an owner or tenant.

Further information on how to apply for this application will be made available in November 2020 on the ‘COVID-19 coronavirus: Latest updates’ website.