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Embedded Network Conversions within your Strata Complex – The things you need to know

An embedded network is the smaller metering network within a building or complex with multiple…

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Let’s account for your property’s solar generation

The need to account for all solar power being generated is important in reconciling your buildings…

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Where it started

Today at Energy-Tec, we make sense of a building’s complex energy consumption and help to make the…

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How To Apply For The $500 Credit For Small Businesses In Embedded Networks

The Western Australian Government continues to announce measures to support small business during…

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WA Businesses operating within Embedded Networks are eligible for the $500 electricity offset

Energy-Tec engaged with Energy Policy WA last week to clarify if the Premiers recent announcement…

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Adapting to Change… Meter Reading and Billing Services through the COVID-19 Pandemic

The last year has been challenging and many businesses have had to change the way in which they…

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Using your strata’s energy usage to fund your 10-year maintenance plan

Here in Australia, Summer is right on our doorstep, but is your asset ready to reap the full…

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ADVOCACY ALERT: Embedded Networks Eligible for McGowan Government’s $600 Household Electricity Credit

On Sunday, 4 October 2020 the McGowan Government announced a one-off WA Household $600 Electricity…

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