Important Information for our Business Customers Operating Embedded Networks

Discontinued Synergy Large Business Demand LV Tariff (S1)

Energy-Tec sought consultation with WA State owned electricity retailer Synergy regarding its Standard Electricity Prices & Charges brochure, which has been released and is effective as of 1 July 2023. A notable absence from this document was updated rates for the Synergy Large Business Demand LV tariff (previously known as the gazetted S1 Tariff).

Outcomes of Energy-Tec correspondence with Synergy, is that the Synergy Large Business Demand LV tariff (consisting of peak, off peak, demand & supply charges), is no longer supported and furthermore, they do not offer a replacement tariff with demand components. Synergy have stated that the L3/R3 replaced the tariff for new customers who wanted to access a gazetted product. Noting Synergy would offer a supply agreement to eligible customers in place of a gazetted tariff.

For customers operating within embedded networks, Energy-Tec advocates alignment where possible, to the State Government Gazetted Tariffs and with Synergy no longer publishing the Large Business Demand LV tariff, we have recommend moving applicable customers to the gazetted R3 tariff (consisting of peak, off peak and supply charges). This position is supported via an internal analysis of recently negotiated customer supply contracts (FY 22-23) which identified total electricity cost increases are in the order of 27% per kWh. Hence, we recommend passing through the increased costs by adopting the R3 tariff in place of the deregulated S1 tariff model.

We understand that tenants may have individual needs in accordance with lease terms, so if you would like Energy-Tec to assist in further analysis and or advisory, please contact us to discuss on 08 9309 0000.

Energy Policy WA – Business and Government Gas Pricing

In light of the Consultation Draft Voluntary Embedded Network Code of Practice, Energy-Tec has been reviewing the draft code together with historical on-sell instructions to protect its clients and ensure we meet the requirements.
Regulated gas prices are determined by the State Government. The Energy Coordination (Gas Tariffs) Regulations 2000 provide for a regulated maximum price that retailers can charge small use customers. Energy-Tec advocates best practice in an embedded network is to align with government regulated processes.

Historically, Energy-Tec aligned gas pricing with Alinta Energy’s Gas Metropolitan Business Tariff, as the traditional gas retailer. With multiple retailers entering the market offering other pricing arrangements under market or non-standard contracts, effective from 1st July 2023, Energy-Tec will align non-residential gas pricing in our billing system with the State Government’s standard contract maximum pricing. We believe this meets with the State Government’s evolving Voluntary Embedded Network Code of Practice.

Information relating to the State Government’s standard contract maximum pricing and the on-supply of gas in embedded networks can be found on Energy Policy WA’s website:
Business and government gas pricing (

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your property’s individual tariff requirements, please contact Energy-Tec on 08 9309 0000.