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Australia’s first 50kW DC Fast Electric Vehicle Charger available for public-use at a shopping centre, has been installed and commissioned by Energy-Tec at Primewest Gwelup (WA).

Since commissioning, the Tritium Veefil 50kW Fast Charger has facilitated several charges per day, spiking interest from the wider-public surrounding electric vehicles and the associated infrastructure.

Multi-Billion Dollar Property Syndicator and Development company, Primewest have appointed Energy-Tec as the lead consultants across their national property portfolio, with Primewest Gwelup Shopping Centre being announced as the pilot site for Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

Energy-Tec have been Australia’s leading experts on energy in property for over twenty-five years.

In September 2019, they took a step forward in renewable energy resources and successfully installed and commissioned Australia’s first 50Kw DC Fast Electric Vehicle Charger available for public use (in a retail precinct), at Primewest Gwelup Shopping Centre (WA).

The Australian-made DC Fast Charger, a Tritium Veefil, has been installed alongside a Level 2, Schnieder EVlink, forming part of the overall customised Energy Roadmap Strategy developed by Energy-Tec.

“The feedback from the opening and Plugshare users has been great. We are now seeing new users as new EV’s models are being sold recently”, said Ed Neilan, Energy-Tec’s Chief Operations Officer on the success at the pilot site.

Primewest Gwelup Shopping Centre has proven to be the ideal pilot site, with the charging station being used regularly since commissioning.

The EV charger project was part of a multi-staged solar, smart metering and battery system project delivered by Energy-Tec. The strategy has provisioned for the each of the systems to be expanded upon on demand.

“Primewest’s investment into deploying a combined energy technology strategy allows us to record the living business case of a Retail Shopping Centre that is already prepared to cater for the increase in electrical demand from the uptake of EV’s over time. That is, the shift from the bowser to the power point.” says Managing Director, Damien Moran. “The option for customers to fast-charge at a neighbourhood Shopping Centre, with access to the Centre’s amenities means an EV owner can make better use of their valuable time, compared to standing around while charging at a remote charging station or a petrol station.”

With more electric vehicles entering the market and prices dropping, the need for destination charging is growing. Harald Murphy, the Club Secretary of the Tesla Owners Club WA

commended the installation online, “Many thanks to Primewest for their forward thinking in installing (an) excellent EV charging infrastructure.”

Energy-Tec are supporting a range of clients at both a state and national level through the development of customised Energy Roadmap Strategies, implementing not only Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers, but concurrently Smart Metering Networks, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Battery Energy Storage (BESS) Systems across a multitude of sites.