FY23/24 Tariff Updates

The State Government has recently announced price changes to selected residential and business electricity tariffs within the state budget.

Electricity Pricing
Gazette Electricity Tariffs 

Electricity tariffs are determined by the Western Australian Government as part of the annual State Budget and are then published in the Government Gazette. The Government Gazette is an official publication which notifies the public of the actions and decisions of the government. The release of the Gazette is expected prior to, or on 1 July 2023. The tariff rates published in the gazette at times have been slightly different to that published within the budget papers.

Effective from 1 July 2023, Energy-Tec will align electricity supply charges in our billing system to the published gazetted tariff charges.

According to the budget papers, there is expected to be a 2.5% increase to the L1 Small Business Electricity Tariff, R1 Time of Use Electricity Tariff, Residential A1 Electricity Tariff and the C1 Community Service Plan Tariff.
There are expected decreases to the L3 Small/Medium Business Electricity Tariff (-3.74%) and the R3 Time of Use Electricity Tariff (-1.13%).

Non-Regulated Electricity Tariffs
Pricing changes to the Synergy Large Business Demand LV Tariff (previously regulated S1 tariff) has not been announced. Energy-Tec will update pricing in accordance with Synergy’s published Standard Electricity Prices and Charges.

Where specific on-sell instructions or contract rates apply, no changes will be applied unless specified in writing.

Not sure which electricity tariffs are applicable for your asset?

In an embedded network, tariffs are dependent on tenancy lease agreement terms. Generally, lease agreements align the recovery of electricity use by tenants to the equivalent regulated electricity tariff. Energy-Tec can undertake a Tariff Review of your asset to determine if current tariffs are aligned with the annual consumption thresholds as set out in the Western Australian Government Gazette.



Gas Pricing

Energy-Tec will update gas pricing in accordance with Alinta Energy’s published Business and Residential Natural Gas Pricing as applicable.

Water Pricing

Energy-Tec will update water pricing in accordance with Water Corporation’s published Residential and Business water use pricing and sewer volume charges as applicable.

Energy-Tec Pricing

Energy-Tec’s 2023/2024 Financial Year Pricing comes into effect from 1 July 2023.  Please contact us for updated engagement clarifications and pricing.