Energy-Tec | Meter Solutions
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Meter Solutions – Trusted Advisors


Energy-Tec has capabilities to supply, install and commission meter products through key supplier agreements with global leading metering manufacturers.

Installation, Programming & Commissioning

As a major reseller of the most frequently utilised meter product nationally, Energy-Tec are suitably qualified to meet any metering requirements to suit a range of projects.

Retail and Renewable Energy Recovery

Private Energy Generation and Electric Vehicles are paving the way of the future. Don’t let your asset fall behind. In value, improved resilience and reduced risk, we navigate the complex for you.

Meter Network Audit

Our Technical Service Officers conduct site inspections of existing metering infrastructure and systems in place to identify any gaps in the hierarchy of your asset.

Project Support (Brownfield and Greenfield Retrofits)

During any redevelopment project, retrofit, or upgrade of a property’s electrical infrastructure, Energy-Tec undertake a pivotal role in calculating utility cost allocation and revenue recovery.