Energy-Tec | Meter Solutions
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Meter Solutions – Trusted Advisors


We offer metering products through key supplier arrangements with global leading meter manufacturers.

Installation, Programming & Commissioning

As a major reseller of the most prolifically utilised meter brands in WA, Energy-Tec work closely with Electrical Engineers and Contractors in refining their meter requirements to suit a project.

Renewables Recovery (Solar and Wind)

If you have a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, we can integrate the private generation into our account reconciliation processes to ensure you recover your return on investment.


Energy-Tec plan, coordinate and roadmap private renewable energy generation projects from start to finish.

Meter Network Audit

Our Technical Service Officers conduct site inspections of existing metering infrastructure and systems in place to identify any gaps in the hierarchy of your asset.

Project Support (Redevelopment and Refurbishment)

During any redevelopment project, retrofit, or upgrade of a property’s electrical infrastructure, we play a pivotal role in calculating utility cost allocation and revenue recovery