Energy-Tec | Project Support (redevelopment and refurbishment)
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Meter Solutions

Project Support (Redevelopment and Refurbishment)

Makes your life easier

During any redevelopment project, retrofit, or upgrade of a property’s electrical infrastructure, we play a pivotal role in calculating utility cost allocation and revenue recovery. We assist our clients to minimise critical unmetered losses during the construction, handover, commissioning, and warranty phases. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless transition from a utility cost recovery and revenue perspective.


Our wealth of knowledge and industry experience supports the delivery of a successful electrical and metering infrastructure project. This process has proven to be most successful when Energy-Tec is engaged early in key redevelopment design, planning, and delivery phases to support all stakeholders involved.


  • Detailed Data down to every second if required (interval data)
  • Customised Tariffs
  • Energy and Accounting Reconciliation
  • Performance Management (Energy and Plant)