Energy-Tec | Retail and Renewable Energy Recovery
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Meter Solutions

Retail and Renewable Energy Recovery

Energy-Tec’s Private Energy Generation Services

Private Energy Generation and Electric Vehicles are paving the way of the future. Don’t let your asset fall behind. In value, improved resilience and reduced risk, we navigate the complex for you.


Rising trends see Renewable Energy becoming a globally preferred energy source.  Almost half of registered Australian businesses are actively switching to solar power and battery storage systems in aid to cut their rising electricity costs and limit their greenhouse gas emissions.


Energy-Tec provide Energy Roadmap solutions and advisory for all private energy generation projects from start to finish. We provide and deliver on the full energy value chain.


Whether you’re interested in installing a solar photo-voltaic (PV) system at your property, or if you already have an existing system – Energy-Tec can assist in making your investment work for you.


  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Roadmap Strategies
  • Private Energy Generation Services
    • Solar
    • Solar Recovery
    • Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
    • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
    • Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers and Cost Recovery
    • Full reconciliation of financial business case
    • Full maintenance and monitoring


Energy-Tec are leading the way in WA, through the implementation of several energy projects for major portfolio’s including: Advanced Metering, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers and Renewable Generation (Solar).

Authorised Suppliers of Tritium Fast EV Chargers