Electric Vehicle Charging

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With more electric vehicles entering the market and prices dropping, the need for destination charging is growing.

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Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) Feasibility Report + Electrical Capacity Review

Similar to the Solar Feasibility Report, the EVC Feasibility Report investigates whether installation of one or multiple EVC’s is financially and technologically viable for the premises.

The feasibility outlines factors such as appropriate location(s), integrating the system into the existing metering network and infrastructure configuration, cost and anticipated impact on the electrical capacity load. It outlines solutions for the equitable billing of EV charging ensuring the right user is charged.

Electrical Infrastructure Review – Condition Report

The Electrical Infrastructure review is a physical inspection and review of all electrical and metering infrastructure at the premises. It lists the condition of each piece of infrastructure and the likely maintenance or replacement needs in the future. Anticipated costs are provided.

This review is extremely beneficial if the condition of the metering and electrical infrastructure at a property is unknown and if it is an ageing building and also assists with 10 year life cycle capital expenditure plans. This report is often required when a property is starting to investigate options such as Solar or EV charging as upgrading of metering and electrical infrastructure may be necessary in order to implement these options. The cost of the upgrade of infrastructure can then be included in the Solar or EVC Feasibility Reports as part of the overall project.

Electrical Capacity Review

An Electrical Capacity Review is the task of establishing whether the deployment of a proposed EV charger solution (one or multiple) will adversely impact the reliable and continuous supply of electricity to the premises, consumers and the existing amenities.

This can be identified by testing and confirming the available electrical capacity on any given day with consideration to the peak times of use. The review will analyse historic energy usage patterns and estimate spare electrical capacity to accommodate EV chargers. This is a key step prior to implementing an EV charging solution.