Energy Procurement

Are you paying too much for your assets energy usage?

Find out where your site sits on our sector specific benchmarking scale.

A sub metered site has greater buying power due to a far larger consumption than individually metered lots, meaning lower costs in your electricity bills. Energy-Tec can obtain competitive quotes for supply of electricity on your behalf.

Our energy market intel and longstanding reputation as a specialist “energy in property” consultant with insight into energy pricing across all property sectors gives us a market advantage. We know how much you should and could be paying. Our market intel combined with our extensive energy market experience means that we can secure the best electricity buy price for you from the WA contestable retail energy market.

When given the opportunity, Energy-Tec can take multiple of your assets to market at any one time. This aggregated purchasing results in a better buy rate across all sites, not just one.

Our procurement process has saved our customers thousands on annual electricity costs. Find out how to take advantage of this on an annual basis and see the savings.