Meter Reading Services

Our core services of meter reading and billing

Manual Meter Reading | Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) | Meter Infrastructure Investigations | Master Meter Reading | Off-Cycle Meter Reading | Final / Vacate Reads

Energy-Tec are Western Australia’s leading embedded network specialists. Since expanding nationally, we now offer our core services of sub-meter reading across Australia.

Meter Reading forms the foundations of Energy-Tec. With demonstrated experience in capturing manual and automated (AMI) meter readings, across all sub-metering systems (Electricity, Gas, Water and Solar/Renewables) for over 30 years.

Our Field Services team know your asset inside and out. Effortlessly reading thousands of properties each month, identifying and flagging any issues and anomalies within your metering infrastructure. All our Field Services Officers maintain current Police Clearances and Site-Specific Induction Certificates.