Renewable Energy

Sustainability infrastructure today, for a more efficient tomorrow

Invest in energy and see the savings

Private Energy Generation and Electric Vehicles are paving the way of the future. Don’t let your asset fall behind. 

Rising trends see Renewable Energy becoming a globally preferred energy source.  Almost half of registered Australian businesses are actively switching to solar power and battery storage systems in aid to cut their rising electricity costs and limit their greenhouse gas emissions.

When introducing renewable energy to your property, smart metering is the most effective way of capturing energy generation and tracking your return on investment.

Energy-Tec are leading the way in WA through the implementation of several energy projects across major property portfolios including: Advanced Metering (AMI), Renewable Generation (Solar), Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers.

We have delivered Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) projects, with largescale solar systems, to over 20 retail and commercial properties in WA and on the eastern states.


With commercial solar, there is no option that suits a “one size fits all” approach.

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Electric Vehicle Charging

With more electric vehicles entering the market and prices dropping, the need for destination charging is growing.

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