Energy-Tec operate across four key property sectors

Our involvement in the property industry

Energy-Tec play a critical role in the monthly property industry invoicing cycle. For most property owners, tenants and/or occupants, utility (Electricity, Gas and Water) costs are the single largest expense. These costs need to be allocated, recovered and paid on a monthly basis to maintain cash flow.

We support our clients in the constantly evolving energy market, from billing through to customised tariff advice and amendments. Energy-Tec are data specialists and understand decades of utility and sub-meter data.

Our inhouse Technical Services department are Embedded Network specialists providing our clients with end to end metering and renewable solutions.

Currently servicing thousands of properties across Perth, Regional WA and Australia’s Eastern States, Energy-Tec operate across four key property sectors.


Whether your asset has 2 occupants or 200, Energy-Tec take the headache out of sub-meter reading and billing for the property industry.