Unlock your strata assets potential

Your strata asset + Energy-Tec makes sense.

Whether your Body Corporate consists of 10 or hundreds of lots, Energy-Tec can take the headache out of your strata’s energy roadmap. With over 30 years of consistent service and expertise, we are the industry leaders in end to end energy and sub-metering solutions.

Did you know? Occupiers consuming energy within your strata asset can actually make your body corporate money. Your energy usage could be putting money back into your sinking fund and supporting your 10-year plan for the benefit of all owners.

Now is the time to find out how innovation can drive both energy savings and profitability with the right energy purchasing structure (retail buying power), combined with renewable technology.

Energy-Tec’s core services of sub-meter reading and billing have been enhanced to further support our clients and their in-house strata management software platforms. We provide customised reports suited for direct integration with templates available to suite a wide variety of software.

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