WA Businesses operating within Embedded Networks are eligible for the $500 electricity offset

Energy-Tec engaged with Energy Policy WA last week to clarify if the Premiers recent announcement for a $500 electricity credit for small businesses and charities impacted by the five-day lockdown imposed on the Perth, Peel and South West regions would apply to WA business owners operating within privately owned electrical distribution networks (e.g. Embedded Networks).

We thank Energy Policy WA for the following response:

I can confirm that the $500 offset is intended to reach eligible embedded network customers”.

“The process for achieving this is under development, and we are currently advising interested businesses that the WA.gov.au website will be updated with details of the application process once they are available”.

This is great news for eligible small WA businesses operating within embedded networks as many were not included as part of the $2,500 rebate last year, which was only available to direct Synergy and Horizon Power customers.

Energy-Tec, with support from the Property Council Australia (PCA) WA and Strata Communities Association (SCA) WA has been advocating to the WA Government since last year; that all businesses (and residents) should be eligible for rebates and offsets, including those within embedded networks.

This decision is an acknowledgement by the WA government in recognising the eligibility of all small businesses and charities consuming energy, regardless of the retailer in the electricity supply chain.

Energy Policy WA will advise Energy-Tec when the www.wa.gov.au  website has been set up for businesses to submit applications.