Where it started

Today at Energy-Tec, we make sense of a building’s complex energy consumption and help to make the asset owner money through their metering infrastructure and renewable

But where did it all start?

As Western Australia’s first submeter reading and billing specialists, Energy Data Services, trading as “Energy Tec” opens for business in 1993. This saw the inception of embedded networks in WA!

Energy-Tec’s original team of technical personnel had worked for SECWA, or the State Energy Commission of WA for over 30 years. It was when SECWA developed a policy to offer cheaper electricity pricing to energy customers if they took back the responsibility to read their own private sub metering (within the building) that the privately-owned sub
metering network model was born.

As a result of this decision Peter Borowski founded Energy-Tec and took this opportunity to fill the services gap – which developed the first embedded network reading, reconciliation and billing service in WA. Energy-Tec began to service the SECWA customers who took up the offer.

The SECWA offer was progressively adopted by more commercial and retail property owners for over a decade until the Electricity Industry Act 2004 was legislated and provided retail license exemptions and a legal framework for contestable assets including most asset sectors (commercial, retail, industrial, retirement living and strata schemes). Now in WA, thousands of properties operate their private embedded networks this way.

With this invaluable heritage in the evolution of the contestable WA Energy Market, Energy-Tec is at the core of the privately-owned embedded networks.

Energy-Tec has grown consistently for over 28 years to become Western Australia’s “go to” company for all energy and water billing services in the property sector.

In 2015, Energy Tec was acquired by Damien Moran (Managing Director) and his board of Non-Executive Directors – Energy-Tec Holdings Pty Ltd (ETH). Since the acquisition, Damien has transformed and repositioned the company from its core business roots of sub-meter reading and billing services, to become an end-to-end energy technology solutions company.

This meant that in order to keep up with the increased demand for technical services on the individually owned meters, Energy-Tec’s core services of sub-meter reading and billing were expanded to include a dedicated technical division. Providing clients with metering and renewable solutions. Energy-Tec have since delivered Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) projects, with largescale solar systems, to over 20 commercial properties in WA and on the eastern states.

You’ve seen your reports, but how are they developed?

In 2018, Energy-Tec unveiled their brand-new reporting system, now known as “Bill-Tec”. A team of Client Services specialists worked tirelessly for 2+ years to seamlessly transition thousands of sites’ data from the antiquated Lotus software into the in-house developed software.

Bill-Tec is a sophisticated billing software platform utilising an SQL Database. Having since migrated thousands of properties across to the new platform, your new look reports give you insight to your properties energy like you’ve never seen before!

You’ve found the experts… What next?

Whether your site is still billed through master meters (meaning less money in your pocket and more in your energy retailers); or your current submeters are looking a little bit worse for wear, Energy-Tec are here to provide you with a solution.

Converting to a fully automated submetering system means you have access to a wide range of energy data from whichever interval period you may like to see and save you money along the way!

Get in touch with Energy-Tec today to find out how!