FY20-21 Tariff Updates

Electricity Tariff Rates

The FY20/21 Electricity Tariff Price changes are subject to Business Gazetted Tariffs only. Please be advised that the S1, T1, M1 gazetted tariffs are set by Synergy and not the WA State Budget. Please note changes to the percentage increases below.

Synergy and the WA State Government have advised that there is no increase to the A1 Regulated Residential Tariff this year.


Gas Tariff Rates

Please be advised that retail Gas Tariffs will not be increasing in 2020.


Water Tariff Rates

From 1 July 2020, a 2.5% increase will apply to non-residential water use and service charges for water, wastewater and drainage

Service charges: In line with the Gross Rental Value (GRV) revaluation, some metropolitan businesses may see a decrease or a maximum increase of 2.5% on their drainage charges.

Water use charges: In response to COVID-19, the State Government has placed a a freeze on residential fees and charges, including water charges.


Bill-Tec Billing System Update

Energy-Tec have updated all gazetted tariff rates in our billing system from 1 July 2020 reflective of the rates published in the Western Australian Government Gazette.

For properties with custom rates, no changes will be applied unless we are otherwise advised.